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Hello. My name is Eirik. I make music.

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Den var konge dude! Var så jævlig bra sunget :D


Hehe thank you man!

PS: Viktig å få gønna på med litt orginale vokaler vett :)

Hey man, i liked the song alot, left you a review i see you already responded to, just wanted to say say awesome job and that i look forward to your next piece. And to inform you that the mix i am currently doing (the one you ''helped me on''the panning thingy you told me) So yeah i just wondered if i should tell you when i release it? Or if that would just be annoying xD

Catch you later man!

Yeah hi again! Glad you like it man.
But no - you're not annoying.
And yes - please do tell me :)

So catch you later lad :)

You need to market these songs. I don't know how to phrase words how amazing your songs are. You are one of the few dedicated to creating the best tracks, and I respect you with everything there is in this world.

Amazing job. You are a master at what you do. Never stop... not even for a moment.

Ok, how do I respond to something like that?
Awesome feedback man. Makes me all fuzzy and warm inside.
NO - hell no - there will be no stopping ... ever.
Glad you enjoy what you hear, it sure makes me wanna make more

=) Eirik

Really nice! And so very cool that you decided to use the loading sound ^^
Also, I have you to thank for now, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Apoptygma Berzerk! I had never even heard of them before, but I gotta tell you, I can see why you made a tribute to them! They makes/made so extremely wonderful music (listening to them now)! :D

Keep up the good work man!

- DjOpposite

PS. Jeg har hemorider o kveks i underbyxa min! :P (I hope that made somewhat sense atleast :P)

Your loading-sound was just sitting there ... begging to be used :) And yeah, welcome to the wonderful world of old-school Apop. You need to listen to the 7minute long single-version of "Kathy's Song" - it's pure electronic magic. In addition to that "Eclipse" (duh) and "End of the World" is a must. So, get to know them ... dirty old synth-pop and so forth <3

I will keep up ... thanks man :)

PS: Du har hemorider og kveks i underbuksa ja? Haha, yeah well ... pop them with a needle or something - and for the love of god, clean your underwear :p

Kick... ass....

THANK... YOU....


Nice... very... very... nice...

Thanks... many... many... thanks... <3

Heysann! Kan du hjelpe meg med en sak? Siden du er elektriker, kan du vel litt om h&oslash;ytalere og stuff (Jeg er helt noob)

Kan du ta en titt p&aring; denne tr&aring;den? Reply om du vil hjelpe da ;)
<a href="http://www.freakforum.nu/forum/showthread.php?t=117322">http://www.freakforum.nu/forum/showth read.php?t=117322</a>
Hilsen meg ;)

Omg dude
dit u do this urself/ the vocals
how can u get so good. how long are u dong this
add me on msn

Hey man!
Yes the vocals are all mine ofcourse. It's 70% of the fun making music. It's cool to make it your own in some way! Im actually not that good really, I just sing anyways :)

No MSN though ... I dont use it. But you can always Facebook me:
http://www.facebook.com/people/Ei rik_Blodks_Hafskjold/552807255

Hey just dropping by to ask you when the new track comes, and what remix/remake/tribute thingy can i expect =D! Can't wiat amn ^_^

Actually I've started up a new album.
You can read about the progress at www.skymarshallarts.com.
Im not sure what it'll be yet myself :)

I was just listening to Forever Gamer again... I love it so much!! hahaha It makes me all too happy!

And that makes ME happy man =)