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Hello. My name is Eirik. I make music.

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Comments (13)

WHAT games? Hmm?

Those planned are:

- The Giana Sisters
- The Legend of Zelda (dont know which melody)
- The Lost Patrol in Vietnam
- Lotus Turbo
- Monty on the Run
- Commando
- Crystal Phantasies (which is an Amiga loader ... not a game)
- Super Mario (one from the Nintendo 64)

... so far those are on my list. But more will be done! :)

Awesome. Your work pwns.

Many thanks, sir :)

Are you going to do a remix of monty and the flying squirrels?

Yeah, just not with Cleese and the gang - but with the mole :D

Just wanted to thank you for all the things you made so far, they are amazing.
I wish you luck with your Album :3

Good day to you, sir

Nice:) And thanks to you for listening! I'll try not to disapoint with next ones!

Holy shit, awesome song! :O and a awesome video aswell, brings back some old but very warm and joyfull memories :D

Got that tingling retro-feeling making it as well, so Im glad the feeling is mutual :) That is indeed awesome!

back in time is about the best song i have heard in a long time

hope u do well in ur album

good day to you sir

ps: that song u made its name is: forever gamer well i loved it i hear it all the time in the morning and at night lols :::::

Oh got to love feedback like that :) I love that you like it. Thanks a lot mate =)

håpe du lage en lignende som "back in time" Den va jæklig bra ass!


I er norsk og viking også :-D

Thanks, and yes - more will come. In the same style ofcourse!

Edit: For konge, fedreland og vikinger =)

Great viddeo, great song! Respect!

Well, thanks :D Glad you liked it man!

Very great...the music is geting better and better.
Lol yur like an idol 2 me..4lz! ;D
Gotta love your albumz/music keep it up dude! Some1 who sayz yur music sux..they r just jealous.

Sincerley, Nacho!
5/5 10/10 (i dont care if i cant rate..ITZ A 10!)

Haha yeah thanks man! A little motivational booster right there.
Im working on new ones right now, and I really hope it will be good.
If not - I can always just try again. Appreciate it mate :)

Jeeeeeesus christ you spend forever on your songs! >:C


Haha yeah Im getting there. But Ive been moving in with my girlfriend, and stuff never gets done like Im used to anymore. But more songs will come.


Oh well in that case ill reinstate ur awesomness, hows that working out btw?

Giving me much more credit than deserved man, but its nice :D How is what going? Living with the misses you mean? In that case: All is well mate:) Love and peace and all that crap is in the house.

Anyway, new song coming up: "Farscape".
Just give it another week or so ... or maybe sooner!

Suhweet! Fine jams man. Keep it up g

Oh I will :) Thanks man =)

Btw nice job with Back In Time, i left a review long time ago ;) I like the old school gamer "scent" over the whole thing!

If you by any chance enjoy Rob Mayth or for that matter, hands up... come by my page and give me a listen ;) A review from da king would be great, your the reason i started FL man, Warcraft was the first song i heard from you and it just made me go WUT... keep up the great work ;)))