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Hello. My name is Eirik. I make music.

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1st comment:
Hey it's me again, from that i've heard you're new song j-j-j-just rocked

nice one btw

It'se you ... Maaaario! Thanks man, appreciate the feedback :D

I thought this was going to be a remix'd version of the "Farscape" theme song but turned out to be something else. Glad I listened though.

As a fellow fan av Farscape, I know why you thought that. I loved the theme-song from the eary seasons - but it still aint much of a song to remix ... so I just settled on the name, sent it out in space and felt happy about it. Awesome that you liked it though :)

Nice , TBH i thougt it was gonna be farscape related (Australian Sci-fi for you unfamiliar with it) . nice song tough don't regret checking it out

"This is insane" as Scorpius says in Peacekeeper Wars when Crichton makes the Galaxy eat itself. GREAT show. And yes, the name obviously comes from there - because I thought it would fit the theme I was trying to create for the song. But glad you liked it nevertheless :)

Great job mate! :D loved it

Thanks man! I saw your YouTube comment now, and will dig up your mail. I got a mission for you if you're up to it. You'll get a mail soon! :)

sounds sweet!


Thanks :)

cool song but that's the name of a super old sci-fi show

1999 to 2003 aint that old ... but it sure was good though. Has nothing to do with it however! Just a nice title :) Thanks man =)

-cough- do song of storms next -cough-

O.K. so I've just discovered you for the first time
and I gotta say I'm glad I did before it was to late
I love your work man it's awesome and inspirational
I've looked through your past works and I definitely
haven't been disappointed and I don't expect I ever will be
I've been a huge gamer since I was little so the game stuff
really reached me so if u don't mind I'm gonna expect even
greater to come so good job man your really showing the
passion of us gamers

I have already reviewed this song, so this is the only place I could say something about it again. This is the best song in the whole freakin world.

Get over to www.skymarshallarts.com and support the show then :) God knows its needed. Thanks for loving it though! Makes it all worthwhile :)

Yeah, bare elskern, vettu! Liker at du brukte intro'n til Contact som vid ;). Passer jævla bra til sangen!

Og ja, hvor blire av norske musikken på NG a? Tror noen amerikanere ville fått lættis de og xP

Really good song!
I love it!

ITs been a loooooooong while since last song now, when is it coming?

Today :)

i found you now,and i say only:



wowz farscape is awsome i like the starting part and the whole freaking song it was pwn

11o/1oo nice work there

ahh you got to make new world of warcraft songs I LOVED THE PALADIN

Dude! This is so awsome. Btw is there a higher quality verson of this video?