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Road-trip ... so a little production time-off :)

Posted by SkyMarshall - July 12th, 2008

Have a nice summer everyone :D

Vacation-time for me and the misses, and this means I won't be making music for the following two weeks. Going on a road-trip around the country (Norway) actually. Checking out the sites we got to offer for a while. So hotels, tents and cabins - here we come. And YES, it will be good.

I just released "Resident Evil" though, so it's not all bad. And I got several other ideas floating around. So the laptop will tag along for the ride, just in case I get the sudden urge to plot in a melody or two before they are lost and forgotten.

Anyway ... I'll be checking in everyday anyway.
Have a nice vacation people ... for those of you lucky enough to have one atm :)

Road-trip ... so a little production time-off :)

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Great, take your time off man, you deserve it 100%!!! Thanks for resident evil once again, now I can listnen to that in my vacation, I already spent 3 weeks of it xD, still got 4 left. ^^ Anyways i want tot wish you good luck with your girlfriend, and vacation take your free time and enjoy it! :D
best wishes from me. ;)

Thanks man:) It will be good, Im sure. Only got 3 weeks off from work ... so enjoy your 7 weeks while you can. Hehe!

Have a good one, mate :)

is norway that big?

Hehe nope ... not compared to, say, Russia. But if you decide to spend two weeks driving through it ... you'll realise it's BIG enough. Also, we have maybe the sickest mountain/fjords-scenery in the world, so I thought it was about time to check it out. (usually go to other countries for vacation ... but not this time)

U look lyke boy in BILL & TED BOGEY JOURNEY!!!!!11

This is true, you realise c",)

Awesome dude, enjoy yourself.

Well thanks a bunchie, man =)

Well, if i would make a roadtrip trough Holland, i would be back in a moment... :/

Haha ... nothing to see?

have a good time man ;-) road trip is awesome, me and some buddies road tripped to south france last summer, experience of a life time:) enjoy it! ^^

-Beating-Source- <<<<<what if i got 10 kr every time i said that o_0!!!


Thought that I should comment back in an while, so how's your vacation doing? Seen nice fjords and mountains? :) I never been out of my country... except I went to Germany ( wich is like 9km from the boarder wich I live... ) So I never seen anything spectacular, but i will take my vacation when I am older so nothing really to bother about. ;) anyways good luck out there! hope you're having an great vacation! :D

once again, ~-unrealdark2-~

Just to say... hey! New account! :D
lol just to say that you can also hear and see me in this account. ;)

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