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The Legend of Zelda - Next Project!

Posted by SkyMarshall - August 3rd, 2008

ATTENTION!!! This project is on hold for now!!! :) (which song though?)

Yeah well, summer is over. And 4 weeks of relaaax is over. Back to work this monday. So time to fire up the music-production again. And yes, this time I will do something from The Legend of Zelda. I dont know what, I dont know from which game and I dont know what tune or melody. But there will be something from those games, done in a dance/trance-kinda way. I will start this immediately, and see what happens. I promise it wont suck - it just cant - I love Zelda too much for that to happen.

And thanks for all the reviews - downloads and favories. I LOVE it :)

- Eirik
SkyMarshall Arts c",)

The Legend of Zelda - Next Project!

Comments (10)

My bro always had the gameboy game...

i have heard that song that plays troung the whole intire game!!!! JUST THAT ONE SONG >=O over and over and over and over!

well anyway hope it comes out great! and gud luck

Haha, which song would that be? Got a Youtube-link or something? If I dont remember wrong, I think its the "Hyrule Field"-theme. And that is one of the potentials that would be good to remix ...

Thats the way it goes here.
Whenever u hit a big top5, u get hated for months.

Looks like ... the top-charts reflects "shit" instead of "awesome".

Thats just sad :P

ye i think u can do this remix very good man, u got skills! loved ur newest Resident Evil track, awesome stuff! ive made liek 4-5 new songs the last 2 months, come check it out man;-) and btw did u enjoy the road trip?:-]


I'll check it out :) And yup, lets hope it doesnt suck! :) And the road-trip was awesome. We drove exactly 1158miles acroos Norway. Lot of nature, lots of sex(:p) and lots of relaaaaxation. So yes, it rocked.

Zelda is my favorite game series i hope the song kicks ass I like all the music in that game

I know ... any suggestion for which song to remix?

In the picture.. Legend og Zelda? or Legend of Zelda? :)

Legend of Epic Fail ... ;) I'll correct that one now ... thanks =)

Yes, that is why {Rose} by cornandbeans is not in the top fifty but all the reviews are 10's :P

Yup, that sure must suck. But hey, what can we do about it? Not much, but I already voted on that one the way it deserved.


FUCK YEAH it's going to be a helluva challenge <3

wow 278 users have you as their favorite artist

I find that fact nothing but awesome tbqfh :)


..... and Link. Dont forget the lad doing all the hard work! :)

how can you not love that 278 users have you as their favorite artist that sweet

I know :) Keeps me wanting to make more ofcourse! It's awesome!