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Out of this World - Next Project

Posted by SkyMarshall - September 2nd, 2008

Yes I know I said Zelda was next - but if I am going to do a remix - I want the remix to be as good as it can possibly be. And Im not in a Zelda-mood right now. So later:)

Anyway, there will still be a game-remix coming up. And this time around I have decided to give one of my all-time Amiga-favorites a go. "Another World" is the game - and everybody playing games back then knows what I am talking about. But I already have a song with that title - so I will name it "Out of This World" instead - which is what it's called in the US. I am well on the way, and it wont be long before I finish. It will probably be a very up-beat euro-dance song. (as usual) ...

To those who cared ... love ya :)
- Eirik [SkyMarshall Arts]

Out of this World - Next Project

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1 st commnet

Congrats :) Now go play the re-done WinXP version of the game for the sake of nostalgia!

OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! My God that the most great game of all time!!!!!

It so great but I can't pass the moster who rape you

serously plz get a life

Haha ... avoid rape by running :) And no, life is not an option. Music is!

im not gonna write you a love song because you ask'd for it becau---


that looks awesome btw

Sara Bareilles - Love Song? That one goes non-stop on the radio here in Norway ALL DAAAAY LOOOOOONG! I can't say I want to hear it again. EVER! And driving several hours (work-related) each day bored to tears listening to the radio doesnt help either. So yes, it's stuck in my brain as well.

But yeah ... :) I'll try to make this one spectacular ... I hope!

That Game was Sooo cool!

Shame I could never beat it...I got stuck in the prison maze after I escaped from my cage.

That Game is Wicked HARD!

The game IS wicked hard - and fucking awesome as well. So only fear to do a tribute-remix of the end credits.

Out of this world XD ! is one of the most weard game I ever play realy hard part but i did it XD

You an me both, man ... made me go insane at times, but I made it through to the end ... which this song is gonna be all about!

awesome man, cant wait til its finished =]

Hey man, how does your songs come out sounding so great? the mastering is perfect, is it cubase or soundforge or somethin like that? i really wanna step it up a notch soundwise =]

your awesome!

Keep it going dude!


Spectacular ... motivation right there :)

Hm, you think it sounds well mastered and polished? There is no secret to it actually, I just carefully EQ and tewak each synth, patch and sample so nothing drowns eachother out and sounds crisp and clear. Also it is fucking important to not mash everything together in the center channel, but make use og left and right too. It sounds a little more "full" that way. Glad you like what I do.

(and yes ... Cubase SX3 and Adobe Audition 1.5 does the trick:))

I've never heard of that game ( I haven't ever played on an Amiga), but I'm freakin' PSYCHED for that. It sounds... Epic, for lack of a better word.

Cool :) But I think I will go in a different direction than usual. Maybe some spacesynth-techno thing ... want to try something new. But I will sure as hell dont quit before it sounds great. I am concidering vocals and some nostalgic lyrics as well ... we'll see. Thanks for caring :D

YOU sir, are a genious.. HAIL!

Haha, yeah well thanks :)

Åh! Du er norsk. Kult! Lol.

Norsk som faen og stolt av det veitu! Hehe!

SRY! sorry to bother yet again., but, when you said ''Also it is fucking important to not mash everything together in the center channel, '' what did you mean by channel in that sentence? mixer channel? or like, what? did you mean that one sound should be in right ear and another in the left? not sure, sorry....

The internets is here to entertain, yes? So you're not bothering anyone.

But yeah. As you said; "did you mean that one sound should be in right ear and another in the left?" ... that is what I meant.

For an example. If you have one sequence of percussion in the right channel (ear) and another completely different percussion-sequence in the left channel - you achieve some false feeling of presence and/or dynamic in the song. You can do this to everything. For instance take two synts, and combine them - only that they play "seperately" in the right and left speaker.

Just remember that to play them 100% seperated in each speaker is not very pretty. The synth you want in the left speaker, should still be heard approx. 30% in the right speaker - if you know what I mean.

SO ...
Right speaker synth: Adjust 70% right (30% is still centered and in the left)
Left speaker synth: Adjust 70% left (30% is still centered and in the right)

Did you get it? Just a little trick I have learned over the years to make the songs a little more interesting to listen to. It's cool in headsets and so forth. You've got to experiment a lot to make it work - but that was the basics.


PS: Also "delay" bouncing between channels at the correct overlapping BPM is cool. It can achieve the same effect as mentioned above with quick synth-riffs)

Wow thanks alot man, ill be sure to do that =) Ive played around with panning automations ALOT lately, but to tweak main panning allthrough the song ive never done, thanks so much for the help!

Yeah no problem :) I'm sure it's all wrong according to heavy electronic music-theory, but hey - I dont know shit except the things I've figured out for myself.

Play around and give me a "yuhuuu" when you've got a finished one to show off :)

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