New Website for SkyMarshall Arts

2008-11-06 19:00:03 by SkyMarshall

So I went and designed myself a new website - just to get all my music sorted, and have an organized portal for me to publish everything about the music and so forth in the future. I think it turned out very well, and I love the automation I managed to get in this. No more tedious Dreamweaver-hours. The site pretty much runs itself.

So Im happy with it ... and thought I had to share :)

New Website for SkyMarshall Arts


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2008-11-06 19:48:21

Nais :)

SkyMarshall responds:

El thankju'o man =)


2008-11-06 19:50:18

Sorry double post, men når kommer "Back in Time"? :P
Høres bra ut!

SkyMarshall responds:

In norwegian:

Endelig kan jeg bare linke til noe, istedenfor å svare! HOHO :)
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Men ja, jeg jobber med saken :)


2008-11-07 00:43:05

Your stuff ROCKS!!!! your music is epic i always wait for your next song to come out! and now you have your own pad to! haha COOLNESS

SkyMarshall responds:

Hehe yeah well, I just had to have my own site to call home. Don't ever do it man, its way too much work for your own comfort. But I was home sick from work for two days - so that did it :)


2008-11-07 12:49:44

Site looks nice. I enjoy your work.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thats great:) Lets hope I manage to keep you listening in the future too!


2008-11-09 15:01:49

Your site looks really really good!

Your music is really really good too!


Feel free to check out my stuff. :]

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man=) Im at work right now, but I'll check out some of your stuff when I get my aaaaass home from this place!


2008-11-21 07:44:02

Cool. Very cool. Been waiting for it for some time, the site.
But when is the Zelda remix you promised coming? :P
Been waiting for that too ^^

SkyMarshall responds:

Just maybe the one I'll finish tomorrow and upload will somewhat strike your fancy. Not a pure Zelda-song ... but it has Zelda IN it :)