New song: "Farscape"

2009-04-04 17:16:24 by SkyMarshall

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Yeah so here we go again :) A lot of time has rocketed by since the last song came out, but here you have Farscape. The 2nd track on the "Back in Time"-album. Hope you guys like it - or at least dont hate it.

Listen: SkyMarshall Arts - Farscape

Pretty straight forward production, alltough it took a looong time to get it right. There is a lot going on in here, and my system almost died on me a couple of DAMN annoying times. My Roland amp/sc which is supposed to be good also struggled a little. But I got through it. So here it is rendered, mastered and ready to go. Also managed to whip up a video real quick to fit the theme.

Time to figure out what to do next :p


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2009-04-04 17:22:50

1st comment:
Hey it's me again, from that i've heard you're new song j-j-j-just rocked

nice one btw

SkyMarshall responds:

It'se you ... Maaaario! Thanks man, appreciate the feedback :D


2009-04-04 19:50:28

I thought this was going to be a remix'd version of the "Farscape" theme song but turned out to be something else. Glad I listened though.

SkyMarshall responds:

As a fellow fan av Farscape, I know why you thought that. I loved the theme-song from the eary seasons - but it still aint much of a song to remix ... so I just settled on the name, sent it out in space and felt happy about it. Awesome that you liked it though :)


2009-04-04 21:19:56

Nice , TBH i thougt it was gonna be farscape related (Australian Sci-fi for you unfamiliar with it) . nice song tough don't regret checking it out

SkyMarshall responds:

"This is insane" as Scorpius says in Peacekeeper Wars when Crichton makes the Galaxy eat itself. GREAT show. And yes, the name obviously comes from there - because I thought it would fit the theme I was trying to create for the song. But glad you liked it nevertheless :)


2009-04-04 22:50:47

Great job mate! :D loved it

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man! I saw your YouTube comment now, and will dig up your mail. I got a mission for you if you're up to it. You'll get a mail soon! :)


2009-04-04 23:54:53

sounds sweet!


SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks :)


2009-04-05 03:51:31

cool song but that's the name of a super old sci-fi show

SkyMarshall responds:

1999 to 2003 aint that old ... but it sure was good though. Has nothing to do with it however! Just a nice title :) Thanks man =)


2009-04-16 22:21:41

-cough- do song of storms next -cough-


2009-04-24 15:38:12

O.K. so I've just discovered you for the first time
and I gotta say I'm glad I did before it was to late
I love your work man it's awesome and inspirational
I've looked through your past works and I definitely
haven't been disappointed and I don't expect I ever will be
I've been a huge gamer since I was little so the game stuff
really reached me so if u don't mind I'm gonna expect even
greater to come so good job man your really showing the
passion of us gamers


2009-04-27 10:27:53

I have already reviewed this song, so this is the only place I could say something about it again. This is the best song in the whole freakin world.

SkyMarshall responds:

Get over to and support the show then :) God knows its needed. Thanks for loving it though! Makes it all worthwhile :)


2009-07-26 23:34:51

Yeah, bare elskern, vettu! Liker at du brukte intro'n til Contact som vid ;). Passer jævla bra til sangen!

Og ja, hvor blire av norske musikken på NG a? Tror noen amerikanere ville fått lættis de og xP


2009-08-18 15:57:50

Really good song!
I love it!


2009-09-29 05:55:52

ITs been a loooooooong while since last song now, when is it coming?

SkyMarshall responds:

Today :)


2009-12-09 16:08:18

i found you now,and i say only:




2010-01-15 21:58:38

wowz farscape is awsome i like the starting part and the whole freaking song it was pwn

11o/1oo nice work there


2010-02-04 23:08:43

ahh you got to make new world of warcraft songs I LOVED THE PALADIN


2010-12-08 16:00:56

Dude! This is so awsome. Btw is there a higher quality verson of this video?