Comeback Time!

2010-09-15 12:55:08 by SkyMarshall

Yello ...

Have I been bussy? - Yes
Have I been bussy for a whole year? - Yes
Why? - well, because life just happens sometimes.

Anyway, I have decided to dust off my old hardware and fire up the old synth again, and at least try to stimulate the creative muscle enough to spew out some more gamer-tunes for those of you interested :)

So, right now I am working on a new song with Hania Lee (she's in here as well) who does part of the vocals on the next one. I feel a bit rusty to be honest, but making music is basically like riding a bicycle actually. Just need to get started again.

So this will all be ready in a little while, and so will "" ...

Appreciate the insane amounts of reviews btw. It's inspiring to say the least.
See you alle soon :)

Eirik Blod√łks Hafskjold
SkyMarshall Arts


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2010-09-15 20:48:46

Saw your face in the Artist news after so long and I nearly squee-ed!!

Glad to have you back!

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha ... well, I'll try not to dissapoint then oO


2010-09-17 14:40:35

Dude, It's about time! We've been going crazy! Can't wait to hear the new stuff. :D

SkyMarshall responds:

Working on it ... feel a bit rusty though. First one might be a little so-and-so!


2010-09-24 23:13:18


Great to see you come back.

SkyMarshall responds:

Apreciated mate :)


2010-09-28 01:39:41

When do you think it will be done?


2010-10-24 21:49:02

Its good to have you back, I was worried you quit on us.


2010-12-08 15:57:16

Cool. It took you long enough but sometimes thats what an artest needs. I wouldnt be suprised if you get like 10 times better then before this break.


2010-12-19 20:07:17

Totally looking forward to your new song! :D Your songs bring back retro gaming in all its glory! <3

~Phyrnna ^_^