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Hello. My name is Eirik. I make music.

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SkyMarshall's News

Posted by SkyMarshall - July 12th, 2008

Have a nice summer everyone :D

Vacation-time for me and the misses, and this means I won't be making music for the following two weeks. Going on a road-trip around the country (Norway) actually. Checking out the sites we got to offer for a while. So hotels, tents and cabins - here we come. And YES, it will be good.

I just released "Resident Evil" though, so it's not all bad. And I got several other ideas floating around. So the laptop will tag along for the ride, just in case I get the sudden urge to plot in a melody or two before they are lost and forgotten.

Anyway ... I'll be checking in everyday anyway.
Have a nice vacation people ... for those of you lucky enough to have one atm :)

Road-trip ... so a little production time-off :)

Posted by SkyMarshall - June 24th, 2008

/* */
Project #01 - "Eclipse [Apoptygma Tribute]"
Yeah this was the one who got the most attention from me. Adding vocals and a somewhat finished chorus. But Cubase made me angry this time, and FL through re-wire did too much damage too my system. Even though I have an awesome Roland soundcard - I used 2gb RAM and 98% CPU. So that load made it impossible to continue. So I'm getting Intel quad-processor now. Fuck this AMD crap.

Project #02 - "Monty on the Run"
Yeah well, this was suppose to be the first track on my new gaming-album I am planning on starting, but I just lost interest on doing this as well. No vocals added, so its pretty much just a standard straight-forward version with basic melody, kick, perc and bass. But it's cute. I'll prolly finish this in some form down the line.

Project #03 - "Braveheart [SkyMarshall Arts Remix]"
Yup, thats right. I even managed to do a little Braveheart. Nothing special here - just got the rythm and melody down to some extent before I gave it up because of boredom. But I will be doing an epic remix of this somewhere down the line. Just need to get the idea that will seperate it from the rest of the remixes first. So .. abandoned.

Project #04 - "Lambada 2008"
This was the last I worked on before I gave them all up and posted this video. Not too much waste of a time this one though. It hammers quite well and has pretty good harmonics (you cant hear that from the video ofcourse) and floated along quite well. But I got bored ass hel. But I do use it as a ringtone on my cell - so it had its use. Abandoned ... for now!

Project #05 - "Mortal Kombat [SkyMarshall Arts Remix]"
Yeah, I got the vocal-pack down - and I just started plunking in the notes as I remembered them. And well, this is how far I got before I thought "screw it" and abandoned this as well. Maybe I'll do a full remix someday.

Project #06 - "Airwolf 2008"
Hmmm ... another one I just tried. As you can hear I didnt give this much love, just gave it what it needed to sound okay enough ... before I got bored (as you can hear in the end) and gave this up as well.

Project #07 - "Airwave [SkyMarshall Arts Remix]"
Hehe, god knows why I started Airwave-remixing ... but it just happened. It became fast and furious over the hours I was making it ... quite good actually. It tears my car apart when played loud. But then I realised: "Why the FUCK am I making this?". So I abandoned it as well ...

.. and here we are. A lot of half-finished projects. And nothing to upload.
But hey, I got one in production now that will get all my love and attention.
I wont say what it is ... tired of PM's ... but it might be good. Or not. We'll see.

- Eirik [SkyMarshall Arts]

Posted by SkyMarshall - May 4th, 2008

Ok, so here I go. Time to make something brand new. Thought I might try out the blog-thingy here as a work-log of sorts. My last song was HalfLife [Come Take My Hand], and thats months ago. So jesus christ, time to produce music NAO :@

UPDATE: Yes, I got meself a girlfriend this last month. Linda Chanett, adorable thing. Anyways, this has taken up too much time to be able to make anything - so my projects have been on hold for the past month. But I am well on the way, and only need to sit down and continue what I've started. I have several in the works, and the most promising one "Eclipse", will be done first ... soon.

[May 08th 2008] - Think I got a good melody going. Trying to build on it further.
[May 09th 2008] - Testing vocals. Will be nearly impossible to make cool. But TRYING
[May 12th 2008] - Weather is too nice. Progress is slooooooooow :)
[May 16th 2008] - Weekend is coming up, so 2 hard days of producing indeed!
[May 22nd 2008] - FINALLY I got an idea I can use. Jesus christ. Progress at last.
[May 28th 2008] - Me? Slow? Nono - however, I m1ght b3 0wn3d by l0v3 right now :S
[May 30th 2008] - Well, Im well on the way now. But this girl takes up a lot of time :p
[June 9th 2008] - Girlfriend aquired. But no producing. I will get to it again soon :)
[June 12th 2008] - Now I have a little time to continue my Apoptygma Berzerk tribute.
[June 17th 2008] - Day off from everything. Time to produce again. Wohoo :)
[June 20th 2008] - Well FUCK this. Got 3 weeks vacation now. I'll make one.

... so I'll close this post now, and upload everything I've tried and abandoned the past month. I'll just make a YouTube-vid with all the projects right now and post it here in a new thread. In an hour or so...

Project #01 - Time to make something new!

Posted by SkyMarshall - April 20th, 2008

Well yeah. After years and years of watching flash in here and so forth, I suddenly realised there was an Audio Portal as well. Can someone tell me HOW THE HELL my brain managed to overlook that? Anyway, I've registered finally - and I am planning to make, contribute and upload a lot in the future. No flash from me though, I only make music. But I like to think Im pretty good at it. (my mom says so, and who am I to argue with that woman) So if any of you guys and girls find anything of it uselful - use it. If it doesnt fit and you need some editing done - ask me.

And heres a bunch of random pictures of my ugly mug, just to say "Yello, NG!"
(and no, I dont live with my mom)

And here I am