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Well now!

... it includes my song, which automatically means it gets a 6. Maybe not the most interesting flash out there, but it says "42" ... and that answers it all!

mikkim responds:

Don't panic! 42! that person above just said something pretty insulting. calling your song MINE, when it was clear it was YOURS?


I liked it. Nostalgic and great.
Lot of moments I had to laugh ... a lot.
So good job on this one.
Looked pretty much like an actual Amiga/C64/8-bit game.


... and a cookie!

Oh you sick little shit you :)

Yeah well, so the voice acting is fit for the toilet (with poo and stuff in it) and the pacing is really slow and off - but hey - I like it. Inside your brain, you have angry hungry demon-babies with a lot of supressed violent thoughts - and it shows. I would really like you to start up your flash-career again - you really did get better over the years you made flash. And yes, I WILL help you with voice-acting and maybe some scoring next time. So get your fucking ass started. (also, the flash had a little over the tob amounts of cursing - but who the faen cares man=)

5/5 (2.72 / 5.00 (+ 0.0072)

R-Win responds:

Thanks for the vote and review,I will agree that the voice acting is not top notch exactly,and I will ask you to help out next time.Cheers m8:)

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I loved it

Great and addictive! Played through it on easy and hard. One of the best games Ive played in here for a long time actually.

Animation is what sold this to me!

Pretty much the only game I've enjoyed this year. Fav'd. The animations where silky smooth, and if this were on XBLA - I'd nuy it!

Great work :)

As good as it gets

Great work on this one. Portal 2D, and nearly as fun as the original. No, maybe not - but still a great fast free alternative. Nice variations in puzzle. I realize a lot of work went into making this, so you should know you did good. Awesome and fav'd.

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Really well produced track. It sounds professional to me. The vocals are smooth as milkshake. Easy to digest. Good job on this one. Could easily see this being played on radio on the way to work. And I dont even like this type of music. Enjoy your 5 stars mate.

Very niiiiice. The lead is spot on. Tempo and drive is where it should be. Love it.

This one is begging for vocals. Male vocals I think. Kept humming possible vocal harmonies all the way through. Great arrangement.

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you for the reviews mate. I agree 100% that this deserves vocals. Alas, I don't sing, and the people I know who do are few and far between. One day eh.

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