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Same old same old

I think midi inspired you ;)


... and flawless! Im into 8-bit in a big big way and have been so since '85 ... and this was spot on :) Good work!


A wonder the admins haven't deleted this yet.

What the hell is the matter with you?

Aaah finally something to listen to

My first thought 10seconds out in this one was: "Yes, it sounds like this will be good. It sounds pro!". And now. 20 minutes later. It is still looping. So I guess you achieved what you set out to do. Making a pleasent mellow ambient tune. I like it a lot, and I dont really have anything to complain about at all. The instruments all meld perfectly together, and it all sounds like it is supposed to. And setting the theme with your story above, always helps the imagination set off in the right direction. Good work.

Artistic complaint: If I made this, I would've maybe swapped out the drums, percussion and bass with something more digital and deep. A little more "outer-space". Some thumping house-kicks arranged as your drum-line allready is, only with maybe some low-pass filter and reverb. I dont know, the pop/rock-drums just didnt fit into what my mind was expecting when it all hit the fan. But thats just personal preference, and it rocks at it is.

You're allready one of my few favorite artists.
So I'll just 5 and 10 you this time.

- Sky c",)

Yeah right!

Haha, you make me laugh a bit man :p
Why not upload some Tiesto next time? Or maybe Jean Michel Jarre.

And the sad thing is that the people beneath think you made this.

Reminds me of ...

Antiloop much? :)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=j3RpnjiTdH A&feature=related

Anyway, I like this kind of sound. So I automatically like this. But it feels a little empty. Except for the kick, where is ther bass to fill all this out? But its an ok track, it just felt a little unfinished. The melody reminds me something sick about norwegian underground electronic music - which is good. But this one needs a little more work before its ready for a download.

Dj-Rippa responds:

Thank you and yes... Its an earlier track of mine and I did not finish it..
I would like to add some boost to the kick and maybe better synth to the melo and some mastering.. But i dunno if I will get around to finishing this one


The flash "Interferance" brought me here, and Im glad it did. You got a good raspy "cigarettes-in-the-morning" voice. And I loved the mellow ambient acoustic sound you got going on here. From one finger-picker to another...

... good job!

Pretty much great

I'll give this a 10. A lot of effort put into this, and I feel sorry for your CPU handling all these pads coming from gear-killers like Nexus and Massive. But it was a good all-rounder I think. I liked the intro with the evolving pads and bass-line. But it might have been a wrong decision to go straight into the "intermission" after the take-off. You should have done a quiet break with "Freeze your mind and let the music take control" and just slam into the main-chorus at once. It got a bit tedious. But, the second break is great. No complaints there. And too bad you didnt build up the tune from the beginning with the end bass-line running for the last 10 seconds. It was great.

But all in all great. Just that one thing taking it down from a 10 :)
But I voted a 5 for you - > 4.08 / 5.00 (+ 0.052)

- Eirik
SkyMarshall Arts c",)

Mich responds:

Thanks for all this constructive criticism.
Als thanks for the 5 :D
And about my cpu, your right about that, I took 20 minutes to export to mp3, that gives an idea how it's sounds when you play it in fl studio :p
But Nexus sounds wonderful so I can live with that.
(too bad there are some of those idiot in here that vote 0 on everything with a good score.)


Instant classic

Yes well this is an instant classic in my opinion. It makes my otherwise slow brain fire synapses and enter dream-land. Makes me think of my dear old country and the old war and hero-songs from the Viking-age. Congratulations on creating my all time favorite song in here. And yes, the singing is pitch-perfect. And I love the way you do your own chorus. Very nice. And I couldnt give it a score of 11 ... so:

@(-_-)@ ... here is Princess Leia to tell you: WELL DONE *high 5*

Love it!

Second song I listen to from you. And I like it :) You got some great dynamics going on, the sound is not flat or dead - it is very much fluid and alive. From the bubble-plucked synth in the intro, to the near perfectly balanced break-beat to the various VG-inspired leads. I love it. Another favorite. Thanks for maintaining a certain standard in the AP :)

More please!

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